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Irene Noel-Baker's Plato Translations - The Republic, Book Ten, The One and the Many

Introduction and translation
© Irene Noel-Baker 2004

2004, 64 pages
ISBN 0953100421

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Some comments on Book 10:

'The translation of Republic 10 was beautifully produced, was very accurate and read well.'
Teacher and former Head of Classics, Colchester Royal Grammar School
'I read it with great pleasure and a feeling of recognition that I have had from no other translation. In fact I will read the Greek with different ears because you have brought out the uncanny combination of simplicity and poetry that one can miss if one reads too swiftly...'
Director of Studies, Caius College, Cambridge
'Irene Noel-Baker's free verse translation works brilliantly in catching the spontaneity and airiness of the original, the way it catches thought on the wing, and moves from phrase to phrase as much as argument to argument.'
Financial Times
'... one reads it again and again and shouts, 'Yes, that's it of course -she's got it!' I know it's what Plato wrote, but your version drives it so cleanly, throwing out the fluff, stripping to the bone. And your short lines and purge of punctuation hold one's eye to the simple good words. Do you write poetry? Well, you do, and it shows... it's beautifully turned out, a delight to handle. From the start I was firmly and happily hooked and read with mounting admiration all through.'
Novelist and writer
'I hadn't realised Plato was so good - I mean so enjoyable and invigorating. Your introduction has inspired me to go out and buy The Republic in full... So, hurry up with the next installment. Perhaps you will help us to make us all good citizens. And if we fall short of that at least we shall have Plato's poetry and humour flowing in our veins.'
Teacher and educationalist

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